Aisling Cormilla

Aisling Cormilla

Aisling Mc Cormilla

Aisling Mc Cormilla is a visual artist and performer from Monaghan. As a singer/songwriter she has performed her work in numerous venues around Ireland and further afield, including Berlin and Nagoya, Japan.

Her songs are personal, intimate and observational, often concerned with the complexities and contradictions of relationship, both with self and others. As a self-taught guitarist she likes to explore an economy of means when it comes to writing, and to investigate the creative potential this allows.

Orlaith Cullnane

Orlaith Cullnane


Orlaith’s work is looking to connect with wilder uncivilized forces and perceptions and shift that energy around. Finding the untamed and the mythical in birds, animals, humans, fabulous beasts, living landscapes, infusing her drawing, printing and painting with that energy, and injecting it into the ordinary and mundane.

Drawing, on widely varying scales, is a constant, wherever it ends up leading. Recently that’s been in paintings and printmaking.

Órlaith was born in Armagh. She has spent time studying and working in Belfast, Dublin, London, San Francisco and Donegal – doing an art degree in University of Ulster and Multimedia in Trinity, working on a building site, as a costume designer for dancers and drag queens, making short films, animations and stage visuals and an interactive poetry machine.

She now spends as much time as she can trotting around the legendary Cooley mountains.

Barry McSkeane

Barry McSkeane


Barry McSkeane

Barry McSkeane is a freelance Drama Facilitator, Director and Theatre Technician based in Co. Monaghan. In December 2012 he graduated from Artstrain, the only full time Youth Drama Facilitation training programme in Ireland. He has worked with numerous groups as a Drama Facilitator, and last year was commissioned by Monaghan County Museum to devise a short play and workshops around the Great War.

He has just completed a short tour with the critically acclaimed Absolution by Kelly McAuley and this coming summer he is one of the lead facilitators at the National Festival of Youth Theatres in Kilkenny. ‘Not Me’ is a new piece that he’s currently writing / devising and is honoured to be trying out an excerpt as part of the Monaghan Arts Network showcase.


Alison Bole

Alison Bole

Alison Bole

In 1999 Alison Bole graduated from the University of Ulster with an honours degree in Fine & Applied Art – Sculpture.

The inspiration for her work comes from the landscape, the forces that have shaped the landscape, and from small natural forms such as seeds, shells and plants.

She generally  works in Kilkenny limestone as she loves the geological history of the stone and the tonal contrast that can be achieved in the stone through the use of different tools.

Because stone is not always the best medium to portray an idea Alison has also worked in clay and plaster and had the pieces cast in bronze. She is currently researching an idea with the view to casting in glass.

Since graduation Alison has shown her work in a number of exhibitions and has completed several commissions, both public and private.


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