September 2018 Showcase

Orla Nesbitt, mum to 4 kids and a Cake Creator.
Orla is originally from Emyvale and is living there now after spending 15 years in Dublin and further afield. She had a career in banking for 8 years and was very happy to take redundancy in 2009.
Having always had an interest in baking, she fell into cake decorating with the arrival of her kids and a desire to make a stand out cake for their birthdays. After her first few attempts and the realisation that it was much more difficult than it looked, she completed a night course in cake decorating and so the journey began.
She loves the process of baking and creating great tasting cakes. These cakes then become the canvas for the art of cake decoration. Orla really enjoys the evolving world of sugarcraft, observing the changing trends that are greatly influenced by fashion, colour, nature and social trends. These changing trends are reflected in Orla’s cakes and she enjoys the challenge of using different mediums and techniques. In Orlas own words, ‘anything is possible with cake’

!Gary graduated from West Wales School of the Arts in 2008, with a BA (Hons) degree in Painting and Printmaking. In addition, he is also passionately interested in Photography, Digital Media, Ceramics and Sculpture.

Currently living and working in Cootehill, Co. Cavan.

The focus of my art practise deals with, what I describe as a non-traditional approach to self portraiture. Fragmentation of the human form is what excites me; my inspiration is drawn from the break up of my family unit as well as my own personal perceived fragmentation. I see my work as an investigation into the human condition, and how human emotions are depicted and read.

Hello, my name is Colin Walker and I’m delighted to welcome you to Woggleburn Creek.
This is a book that I have been working on for quite some time now and I am really excited and equally apprehensive in finally releasing it for your enjoyment. I had initially intended to write it for a very young readership. However, I feel that it has a wider appeal and now believe it is more of a family read.
I have had the wonderful pleasure of entertaining kids of all ages with my own brand of magic for almost twenty years. It truly is the most fantastic job in the world. The real magic has always been in the eyes and smiles of my audience. A privilege to be part of. I have always wanted to bring the magic to a bigger audience. I believe that Woggleburn Creek is that magical place that might just ignite more eyes and brighten even more smiles.
I hope to write a series of adventures from Woggleburn and invite you, the reader, to visit my website and Facebook page. The idea is to get you to fire your own imagination and create new words for creatures, plants, colours or just about anything else that you can think of. Submit your ideas to me and perhaps I can acknowledge you as a contributor in the next book. After all there is a book in all of us.
I cannot thank Olivia golden enough for her patience and her ability to bring animated life to the creatures that have occupied my mind throughout this journey. She has been amazing.
Remember, imagination is the beginning of all creation. .. I hope you enjoy my book.

Pearse Larkin (Piaras Ó Lorcáin Pearse is 15 and comes from Crossmaglen in County Armagh. He has been singing pretty much all of his life but began singing competitively at the age of 8. His singing has afforded him great accolades and unique opportunities. Most notably winning the Corn Sheosaimh Uí hÉanaigh at Oireachtas in 2016, performing at Gradam Ceoil in Belfast earlier this year and recently lifting trophies in both Irish and English singing in Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann in Drogheda. At Gradam Ceol he performed on stage with Pádraigín Ni Úallacháin (Gradam recipient) and Bláithín Mhic Cana both women being instrumental in his career to date. He has had the fortune to be mentored by Pádraigín who is inspirational in her passion and tireless work to revive and renew the Oriel tradition. Pearse has gained a great deal from the advice and tutelage of both women and continues to grow in his knowledge and love for his art.