October 2018 Showcase

Hi, my name is Kevin Mc Hugh and I have always had a keen interest in art and find it a great way of channelling my creativity and organising the thoughts in my head. I became a fulltime artist in 2012 and concentrated mainly on portraits and murals however my love for Hallowe’en kept pulling me down a creepier, pumpkin lit path and lately I’ve found my work moving a lot more into illustration.
I’m in my natural habitat covered in acrylic paint but in recent times I have been getting to grips with digital painting and I really enjoy both mediums.
When I’m not painting, I can be found on stage singing in my funeral-punk band, Cadaver Club.
Now in 2018, I find ‘Kevin McHugh Art’ always has at least one foot in Halloween and I am quite content with that.


Paul Bond is not now and never has been a member of the Communist Party of Ireland. Pretty much everything else you have heard is true…or mostly true…ish.

Paul runs Monaghan’s 4th largest workwear store, helps out at Monaghan Coder Dojo, coaches Monaghan Phoenix AC, and was a founding member of Radiohead…

He has a vivid imagination and recently discovered Giants in Rossmore Park.


Ireland is famed throughout the world for the art of storytelling, yet here in Ireland oral storytelling is often one of the most undervalued art forms.

Francis McCarron has been involved in oral storytelling for over 20 years. His repertoire is wide and varied and runs from legends to local tales and everything in between. It also includes riddles, rhymes and songs – although he can’t sing to save his life!
Francis is a member of the Storytellers of Ireland, which aims to promote the practice, study and knowledge of oral storytelling in Ireland through the preservation and perpetuation of traditional storytelling and the development of storytelling as a contemporary art.

The Storytellers of Ireland believe that storytelling is an intimate and interactive art. A storyteller tells from memory rather than reading from a book. A tale is not just the spoken equivalent of a literary short story. It has no set text, but is endlessly re-created in the telling. The listener is an essential part of the storytelling process. For stories to live, they need the hearts, minds and ears of listeners. Without the listener there is no story.


The “Monaghan Blues Jam” has been running for over 14 years and takes place on the last Friday of the month in McKenna’s Bar, Dublin Street Monaghan. The Blues Jam has always been a great opportunity for people of any age or ability, to sing & play, or simply enjoy an evening of Live Blues. Tuned up & ready to go, the “House Band” is always on hand to start off the proceedings. Musicians from all over Ireland & further afield, have entertained over the years, so tonight this event is sure to have you singing along and tapping your feet to this highly charged Showcase of Live Blues music.