May 2017 Showcase

Tutor Ruth Mannion and some of the students on the course will talk about their exhibition which is currently running in the Market House.

Such is the standard this year that everyone who applied to the National College of Art and Design was accepted and there were also high portfolio marks given by both IADT Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Institute of Technology. The work on display at the exhibition shows a broad range of artistic processes, which includes various methods of printing, drawing and painting in different mediums, ceramics, wire sculpture installation and inventive collage. This variety of processes is matched by a broad spectrum of artistic styles and interests.

Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly is an artist from Emyvale, Co.Monaghan. An art practitioner and enthusiast, from a very young age he was able to forge the successful establishment of Marc Kelly Sculpture in 2011 after some years in Art education and employment.

Initially he worked exclusively with wood and stone but curiosity led him to create form from a very wide range of materials and processes. Since then he has been able to secure contracts with clients such as Tayto Crisps, Jameson Whiskey, Google and Oracle Digital whilst fulfilling local and national monumental sculptural projects utilising traditional methods and techniques.

In early 2016 he established to fully focus a business built to cater to corporate firms who seek outlandish bold design and manufacture for the advertising industry. The company now employs 3 staff members and is continuing to evolve with modern processes and concepts.

Sean Monaghan

Shaun is a fifth year student at St Macartan’s College Monaghan and is an accomplished guitarist. He was first introduced to guitar by his teacher in fourth class – Mr Grundy from St. Mary’s Boys School Monaghan who taught students interested in playing in the band for the school concert. This sparked Shaun’s interest in the guitar. Since then, Shaun has largely been self-taught learning and developing his talent from Youtube and by ear.

He has a love for the Blues style of music and has been influenced by artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Sean Costello and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He plays in a band called Anyos. Their most recent gig was played in the Grand Social in Dublin earlier this year.

Janice Igoe

Janice Igoe is a native of Cootehill Co. Cavan, where she has remained its best kept secret, She is a singer of immense talent with a purity of voice and richness of tonality that is simply beautiful. Her interpretation of her songs is both deeply emotional and intelligent. She has remained an enigmatic figure for years, rarely performing (apart from the occasional appearance) always singing and refining her art. For those who have heard her sing you would swear that she has been performing at the highest level for the past twenty years. Matt Molloy described her as having a rare and wonderful voice, and that her version of “The Parting Glass” is simply the best he has ever heard.